Argentina Cordoba Temple

Argentina Cordoba Temple

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Well, my "Father" (Trainer) in the mission goes home in a week. :(   I really miss having Elder Summers as a companion but I'm so glad I don't have to see him die (go home) in the mission.  Poor newbie Elder Betz has to kill him (meaning being his last companion) and it's making this poor new Elder miss his home a lot.  Oooooh being on my dirt bike sounds really good right now haha!  Don't worry I'm working hard! 

This week was a good one.  We taught, we worked, but oh man I'm dead!  Everyone told me that the mission is hard and that you're always tired.  I'm not tired physically, but it's taken a mental toll on me.  The whole day you're just thinking thinking thinking about Spanish, investigators, what you're going to do next, trying to discern the spirit.  Yeah, it’s tough, but it’s worth it of course.  

To be honest, we don't really have anyone progressing except Malena, an 8-year-old.  She is Jorge's niece and she's A1.  She's excited for her baptism this Saturday.  Just gotta praying that something stupid doesn't happen (welcome to Argentina hahaha!)  Also, I got to go to a zone conference, but my battery on my camera died :( It was fun to hang with all the missionaries in our zone as they're all really great guys.  I do love the mission and the people. God has helped me to be hungry for the Spanish language and I can't wait to be speaking really good.  Just gotta plant the seed and LEAVE IT ALONE...I know God will help me water the seed as I give it good soil through studies and practice.

Some funny news...we've been going to the gym every day and eating protein and trying to take care of ourselves, but when the members are always feeding us noodles and bread, the stomach just gets huge!  Well, let's just say that I'm "bulking up for the winter!". ;)

I want each of you to know this church is true.  I miss family and buddies sometimes, but God has helped me so much here by just comforting me and blessing me and my family. I know that God loves you too.  Allow yourself to be blessed by being baptized.  It's not that hard!

Elder Pomar

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Yeah, I'm sick of dogs...

They are everywhere, gnawing on my calves, eating garbage, and barking for no reason!...Oh my goodness, I just reached 5 months,  I might go insane haha!

Besides the dogs, it's been a really chill week.....with 2 baptisms!  Debora and Xiomara got baptized today!  It was very sweet and the spirit was super strong.  They are super faithful as they walk by themselves every week to church and are self-sufficient.  The water was a little chilly but we survived!

One topic that I have been studied is humility.  God always says "choose to be humble, or be humbled."  For me, I just kept getting humbled and humbled and humbled and I was just like "why God?"  I wanted it to stop and choose to be humble, but I don't know exactly how to do this.  So with studying, prayer, and experience, I learned a little bit this week.  So yeah, I lost my backpack a couple weeks ago with my basketball shoes, my pen or thumb-drive with all my videos and my triple combination scriptures.  I'm super low on money because we've had so many stupid expenses and just other dumb thing happening today.  Today, I forgot a ton of things we needed to bring as we left our apartment and I knew it was completely my fault.  When Elder Reynolds and I were talking, I decided to just to suck it up and take the blame.  I've finally learned and accepted that I need to take personal responsibility when I make mistakes and to try to be humble and improve.  I loved to blame others as a kid, but I'm glad to finally have learned that my decisions are my responsibility and not anyone else's.  I know this principle or lesson will help me throughout my life.

Overall, it was a good week.  The only frustrating thing was meeting some interesting people who just say stupid stuff to us and lie to us, but that just part of missionary life.  It's amazing how much of a positive attitude I've learned to have.   What I know is that I love The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It's the true Church of Christ.  Be humble as God has commanded and be baptized so that your sins and guilt can be left in the water. 😇

Elder Pomar

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Everybody say, Warriors...WAAAAARRRIIIOOORRRSSS!!!!

Haha, let's go, baby!  Glad that my boys pulled through and won it on my Birthday!

The week was another blur, but good news all around.  We have 2 girls named Debora and Tatiana that are going to get baptized this Saturday hopefully.  They are already buddies with a ton of the people in our ward so it should go through, but it ain't over till it’s over!

We continue to have a hard time finding investigators that will really progress.  We just get a ton of "snakes" due to Elder Reynolds blonde hair haha!  I love debating with the Jehovah's Witnesses....I know, I know it's bad, but I'm trying to be better I promise hahaha!

My birthday was way fun!  I've talked to many missionaries and a lot of them have said that on their birthday they didn't have the best luck, like:
  • Getting robbed
  • Getting pooped on by a bird
  • Having their backpack pee'd on
  • Ripping their pants
  • etc!

When I said my prayers to start the morning, I just pleaded with God that He would just let it be a normal day for me.  The blessing is that God answered my prayer in a very different way than I expected as it wasn't normal.  We ate lunch with members, did the normal schedule and such.  At 5 pm, our zone leaders (who I'm really good friends with) came down and we did some missionary exchanges or splits. The best part is that we ended up finding a TON OF PEOPLE to teach! 

It's refreshing to have some new investigators for once haha!  Well, after that, we went to our investigator's house to eat an Asado (barbecue) and celebrated mine and their 1-year-old son's birthday, as we were both born on June 12th.  It was waaaay good and I just absolutely felt the love of God in my life.

Also, today, I called my boy Elder Clark (who I knew before the mission from the Bay Area) and we just chatted about how excited we both were with the Warriors winning!  Ahh, life is good!  This P-day has been really incredible just hanging with the people I love and feeling God's light in my life.

I know that this is Christ's church. This is the only one that exists on the earth that is literally of Christ.  I am a witness, as I have seen countless miracles in my life, extremely recent and many over the years during my life.  I love you all and thank you for the birthday wishes, it really means a lot!  For those who forgot my birthday, don't worry, you know that I'm not the kinda guy to march down the street and go tell everyone "it's my birthday" haha.  Love you all so much!

Elder Pomar

Ps. It's crazy to think that I graduated from high school a year ago!