Argentina Cordoba Temple

Argentina Cordoba Temple

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Yeah, it happened.  I got transferred over one branch again!  It sucks because we had finally found 2 escogidos (golden investigators)!  They wiped out our area and put in Hermanas (Sister missionaries), but I will be helping a lot with the area still so I'm gonna count them as my baptisms haha ;)  Their names are Emanuel and María.  They both attended church and accepted baptismal dates!  Should be seeing some baptism pics soon! :)

So now I'm in the branch Antartida with 15 people attending.  At least I have a washer so I can save a lot of time now!  It's another hard area, but we are gonna work and trust in the Lord.  My new companion is Elder Bray from Idaho!  He's obedient and a hard worker so that will be very nice!  I'm sad to see Elder Samayoa go as he was my "amigito" (Little friend).  He plans on studying at BYU in 2019, so I'm praying he can get in.  We went with our investigator to the lake and got to teach a lesson there which was way awesome! The spirit was strong and I felt like I was just at home. 

IT SNOWED HERE!!!  Only in the mountains, but it was pretty while it lasted :)

Thank you for the prayers and love.  I'm gonna need it a ton when it starts to be 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) almost everyday haha! 

Con amor,
Elder Pomar

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Yeah, it's starting to get a little hot down here!  It's only 18 degrees Celsius and it's hot for me....just waiting for the summer and 40 to 50 degrees Celsius every day!  Shoot hahaha!

Well, it was awesome as we had a zone conference!  Got to see a lot of buddies, including a buddy from EFY my freshman year of high school Elder Smith!  It was nice to take a little break from the hard work out here.

Right now we have some investigators that we visit multiple times a week and I'm praying that they can continue to progress.  One of them is Emanuel and the other is Luis and his family.  Emanuel is incredible, basically a dry Mormon, but he just needs to accept that The Church of Jesus Christ was restored through Joseph Smith.  Our investigator Luis is our barber and his wife is less active.  It just sucks because the person that brought her into the church went less active too.  Basically, all the less active members were offended at one point by one of the leaders, so it's extremely frustrating.  Plus, Luis isn't married.....yeah welcome to Argentina haha.

We had an awesome zone P-day with Asado and everything.  I have to admit that I'm sick of Asado as we've eaten it 3 days in a row...ugh salad never sounded so good...haha.

I know the church is true.  I love the mission even when we are in a hard area and it seems like everyone else it baptizing except for us.  I know that I just gotta continue to grind and stick to the fundamentals.

Love you all!  Thank you for the prayers on my behalf.  Que esteís bien! 

Con amor,
Elder Pomar

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

This week was a lot better taking steps back and learning just to laugh haha.

So this morning our lock broke again and none of our neighbors were home!  So we climbed the wall, shimmied (with the barbed wire), got on top of the roof, shimmied down (with more barbed wire) and took a leap of faith!  I'm alive lol and were going to have a professional fix our lock this time (not my comp haha)! 

We don't have a ton of investigators at this moment, but were still doing our best to work even with Elder Samayoa coming down with the flu.  Satan keeps putting crap in our way but we continue with the fundamentals...
  • Prayer
  • Study
  • Work (as much as we can) 
I have been reading Jesus the Christ a ton and wow!  What Christ did for us was completely voluntary.  He really was the lamb at the slaughter.  He descended from his thrown, suffered EVERYTHING, and died for you and me. I love you all and thank you for the prayers.

Oh and quick story....

So y'all know I'm half Chilean, and I like the soccer club team called Colo Colo due to my Uncle Louie...We got this barber that's way chill and we were just chatting with him and the topic of soccer came up as he cut our hair.  So as he heard me say who I liked, he's like "who do you like?" and I was like "of course Colo Colo from Chile!"  Jokingly he was like "oh really, don't tell me!  Hold on a sec!"  So he ran into the house and pulled out a brand new Colo Colo jersey and gave it to me as a gift!!!

Gotta love blessings spiritually as much as temporally from the mission haha!

Love you guys!

Elder Pomar (or Elder Pomada)

PS - And sorry for no pics this week. Tomorrow is a zone conference so lots of photos to follow next week! ;)