Argentina Cordoba Temple

Argentina Cordoba Temple

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dang it Argentina...why do you hate Chileno's so much?

I'm blaming it on being half Chilean, but we got pretty screwed over this last week haha.  First, our electricity got shut-off because the previous missionaries living here forgot to pay the bill before leaving haha.  
What a blessing that we had enough money to pay it all off...oops, the problem is that we mistakenly paid the electricity bill for our neighbor rather than paying our own so now we've got to go pay for ours!  Now
we really don't have any money, so we think..."I guess we'll inform the bolsero of our problem to see about getting our money reimbursed."  So we get the approval for the reimbursement, but we can't get our money
yet soooo...I hope that I can survive with 50 pesos lol!

Next, our escogida (elect investigator) lost interest and we can't even contact her.

....come what may and love it oh my goodness!

We've been trying really hard to not put the blame on God but to be patient with all the ridiculous things that we are passing through in La Quebrada here in La Rioja.  When God gives us trials, it's because it means that
He trusts us. 

Oh, and by the way...the tea pot filled with boiling hot water fell and burned my leg with a ton of 3rd degree burns...but that didn't matter as Elder Samayoa and I are still walking like crazy and even running in the mornings.
At least, we had an awesome p day with the whole zone playing soccer and relaxing. It is a really pretty place all the way up here. Even though it’s a very tough area, at least I get to look at some pretty views.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  The wind hasn't been going our way but "the miracle doesn't come until after the trial of your faith"

Love you all and praying for you

Elder Pomar